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Management and reprocessing of the sterilization and use of surgical instruments

The iCanTrace Standard information system allows the complete digital management of the sterilization process to which the surgical material and the textiles are subjected after use. This system offers high level of standardization and guaranteed quality, safety and productivity thanks to welldefined operating procedures and the subsequent emphasis on support and supervision for the benefit of operators, healthcare facilities and patients. Despite being a sophisticated information system, iCanTrace Standard is clear and simple to use, making it easy even for operators with little or no computer knowledge: all the procedures are carried out using barcode readers to make the process simple, intuitive and smooth.

The tracking system I Can Trace can be purchased in 3 different versions:


This version allows the management of all the work phases of a small hospital facility. A server is not required, the system works on a stand-alone work station, to which it is possible to add up to two handheld terminals to manage washing, sterilization and delivery phases.


This version allows the complete management of the sterilization process of a small/medium hospital facility. A server is required, it allows the use of workstations on PC Client and on handheld terminals. The system supports a maximum of 3 workstations on PC Clients and an unlimited number of mobile workstations. It will therefore be possible to design small operational spaces one for each area (Dirty, Clear and Sterile) with workstations on PC Clients, basing all the reprocessing phases on fixed stations or, for larger companies, provide up to 3 workstations all for packaging. and delegate all the other work phases to the mobile terminals.


This version allows the client to design the management of a large sterilization unit/hospital. The system doesn’t have limits of configurable workstations, guaranteeing very high levels of performance and safety. In this full version the system can also be extended to the management of surgical material flows from / to the clinics as well as from / to operating theatres allowing the association between sterile material and intervention / patient.


Our Software Division, with specialized personnel, takes care of the planning, inspection and installation of the system. After system start up and staff training, the technical team will always be available to the customer and a continuous maintenance and assistance service will be guaranteed which includes follow features.


Once a month our technicians run specific system checks from remote to diagnose any fault or malfunction of the system and plan an immediate solution. They can make data maintenance, check back up system and distribute corrective patches or software upgrade.

Telephone Support 24h/365

Our Telephone Assistance service is available 24 h / day, 365 days a year, to guarantee at any time a quick response and activation of all the procedures necessary to restore normal functionality of the system.

On call assistance

Our personnel is always available for telephone support. When a system fault is reported, the Technical Support Manager will decide the type of intervention and the more appropriate person to do it. Normally, we proceed with an intervention from remote, which will be implemented within 60 minutes of fault report. If such action fails to solve the problem, the client can ask a quotation for an intervention on site.

Service availability 24h/365dd

To ensure continuity in all the hospitals using our systems the technical support is guaranteed 24 hours / day, 365 days a year at any time to ensures a prompt response and the activation of all the necessary procedures to restore normal functionality of the system. 

Periodical system upgrade

Every six months we will test the system compliance to the requirements of the client. If changes are necessary to accommodate the new needs of the Hospital, the R&D dept. will study the possibilities and will reply accordingly


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Steam high temperature sterilizer for hospital application.
Designed for a simple and effective experience for the operators, thanks to the touch screen user friendly interface.